Vm group edition seems broken


I’m trying the new vm group feature. I can create new groups, no problem. But when I want to edit one, the roles don’t appear, I can’t edit them. Is it a known bug ?

OpenNebula 5.4 (upgraded from 5.2), RPMs on CentOS 7.

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Hi @madko,

I’m trying to reproduce your problem but I can’t. Can you send me screenshots of the process?



Hi @AbelC, thanks for your help

Very easy to reproduce, this have happened on all our opennebula platforms.

  • Create one VM group with roles
  • Save it
  • Try to update it: no role shows up

As I said this is on OpenNebula updated from 5.2. I can try on fresh 5.4 install.

Same problem on fresh 5.4 install :frowning:

Hi @madko,

I understand. This is not a bug. In OpenNebula it is not yet possible to edit the roles, only the affinity between them.
So do not worry, your opennebula is fine and this will be done.

Thanks for the report.


ah ok. Do you know when this functionality will be complete ? Is there any workaroud ? (using the CLI maybe ?)