VM Template import issue through CLI

VM Template found:
- Name : 6Z-IND-W2K12R2STD-GEN-MAR18-TPM
- Cluster : 6ZHADRS001
- Location : Discovered virtual machine/Approved_Templates
Import this VM template (y/[n])? y

For faster deployment operations and lower disk usage, OpenNebula can create new VMs as linked clones.
Would you like to use Linked Clones with VMs based on this template (y/[n])? n

Do you want to specify a folder where the deployed VMs based on this template will appear in vSphere's VM and Templates section?
If no path is set, VMs will be placed in the same location where the template lives.
Please specify a path using slashes to separate folders e.g /Management/VMs or press Enter to use defaults:

The existing disks and networks in the template are being imported, please be patient...
Error creating disk from template: Net::ReadTimeout