VM Template Live Editing - Best Practices?

Hey Guys!

Sometimes I need to modify the template (e.g. VNC listen address/ boot prio/ disk caching settings) after VM deployment.

Stopping opennebula and modifying the XML body in the database is very ugly and error-prone.

VM redeployment isn’t always an option to workaround this. Does anybody of you found a nice solution how to modify the VM deployment while opennebula itself is running?


The VM template is modified indirectly by the corresponding actions, e.g.
if you want to change CPU or MEMORY there is a resize, to add a disk there
is attach disk and so on. The rationale behind this is to perform
consistency checks to the operations.

However, there are a couple limitations: (i) some operations are too
restrictive (e.g. only attach a disk on RUNNING); (ii) there are other
modifications not supported (boot prio for example). We want to address
(i) in the near feature and probably complete it with a generic update
(given the VM is POWER OFF) to allow a more generic update operation so
addressing (ii).