VNC noVNC ready: native WebSockets, canvas rendering

i am facing mentioned below error .

VNC noVNC ready: native WebSockets, canvas rendering

kindly help me on this matter. my ssl certificate is working fine when i login via web panel .web panel is open via https and working fine.but when my user take the vnc or machine error come out on screen .which is shown as above. kindly help me on this matter what i have to do . previously without ssl its working fine.

I managed to get this working a few days ago.

Steps I followed:

  • generate self-signed certificates (or get real ones)
  • set the group on cert and key to oneadmin or the websocket proxy wont read them (check logs)
  • configure nginx https and reverse proxy https to sunstone port 9869
  • configure nginx to redirect http to https
  • configure sunstone-server.conf to use wss only, setup certificate paths
  • open firewall for http, https and wss/vnc (80,443,29876)

These are the things I had trouble with:

  • check /var/log for VNC errors, certificates need the right permissions (oneadmin group).
  • you need to restart the websocket proxy if you make changes, kill it, restart sunstone alone is not enough.
  • if you are using a self-signed certificate you will need to add an exception (in your browser) for the VNC access port, you can point your browser to https://myone:29876 and add the exception.
  • despite forum reports in 5.4.1 does not seem to be necessary to change user settings to enable WSS, it seems automatic now.

good luck, hope this helps