Which OS to choose for ON?


We plan to migrate from OpenStack zu OpenNebula. Currently we use CentOS 7 with elrepo-Kernel (currently 4.4). For our new deployment we are evaluating which OS is the best for our cloud.

Our main concern is the kernel as Ceph is our storage backend, which likes recent versions. A recent version of KVM/QEMU is also appreciated (stable > features).
The team managing our infrastructure has a lot of knowledge of CentOS / RHEL and Debian.
Debian also has a recent 4.9 Kernel but has less intregrated update-management tools like Spacewalk for CentOS / RHEL.

Which OS are you using?

Hello, I personally use Fedora 26 for compute nodes, where is latest kernel, libvirt, qemu, cluster stackā€¦ and CentOS 7 for Frontend. I configure all using ansible, so Fedora upgrade will be much easier.

Fedora sounds very good, which packages did you use?


Yes, I use CentOS/REHL package for kvm node.

Do you also use Ceph? If yes, which repo are you using?

I use FC SAN with multipath and cLVM with GFS2 on top of it.