Windows contextualization doesn't work

I’ve followed the doc to make a VM template for Windows Server 2008/2012/2016. Is the order really correct? It says:

Step 1. Start a VM with the OS you want to Customize
Step 2. Download Contextualization Packages to the VM
Step 3. Install Contextualization Packages and Dependencies

Step 4. Run Sysprep in Windows Machines
Execute sysprep to prepare the OS for duplication. You can find more information at:

Step 5. Power Off the Machine and Save it

But after the Running of Sysprep, when I imported those images into opennebula server and start Vms attatched with those images. All of the Vms ask for manually initialization. is that normal? if so, how is the context gonna work?
And I tried use “exit” option instead of “shutdown” after the sysprep process, but it was the same.