X509 Authentication and Client certificates

  1. If I use OpenNebula authentication then I can use different types of user authentication? I could not get. If it true, how do you do it? Do I need set pass like “/C=ES/O=ONE/OU=DEV/CN=clouduser” for x509 Authentication ? Or do I need short pass like “CN=clouduser”? Can I use unicode international chars for x509 Authentication () ?

  2. If I set :auth: x509 then how clients can send their certificate to the server if the server does not use the HTTPS protocol (http://sunstone:9869)? Even if I accept client certificates on the SSL HTTP Proxy(ssl_verify_client on on nginx), where will I send these certificates? HTTP does not support accepting certificates.

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):

Expected results:
The best option is if the server will accept the certificate that I sent

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