XML-RPC API - one.vmpool.info method


we are using the XML-RPC API and we have a question about the one.vmpool.info method. The documentation reports [1] that the filtering could be performed in the following cases:

“< = -3”: Connected user’s resources
"-2": All resources
"-1": Connected user’s and his group’s resources
"> = 0": UID User’s Resources

From our tests, it seems that the case “-1” refers only to the main group, regardless if there are resources belonging to the secondary groups.

Is it intentional or simply a bug? If so, is there a known workaround (apart request all the resources - case “-2”)?

Thanks in advance



[1] http://docs.opennebula.org/4.12/integration/system_interfaces/api.html#one-vmpool-info


It might be a bug, because the filterflag help from the CLI clearly mentions “groups”. I created an issue for it.

g, group     'mine' plus the VM belonging to the groups
             the user is member of

In any case, bear in mind that when you request all resources, it actually returns all resources to which the user has USE rights. Unless you have extra ACL rules, this will match your VMs plus the ones from your groups that are shared (group-use bit).

Hi Carlos,

thanks for the quick response. Actually we didn’t test the “-2” value and it helps too in order to reach our purpose.

Thank you again



I installed all dependencies and compiled OpenNebula with success (I did “scons” on the repository and execute install.sh) but I don’t know how to deploy it and see what the result of the compilation of OpenNebula. How can I do?