XMLRPC: vm template from marketplace app


In Sunstone I can list and select a marketplace app, choose a datastore and easily create a VM template from that marketplace app.

What is the equivalent using XMLRPC? after reviewing the documentation I am missing something.

Is it possible to create VM templates from Marketplace apps using XMLRPC?

Hi rvalle!

You can use the export action: http://docs.opennebula.org/5.4/integration/system_interfaces/api.html#onemarketapp

You need to specify an ID of a marketplace app, a name for the new template and the id of a datastore.


is this export action available via XML-RPC?

The documentation you referred me to lists : “– (ruby method)” as the XML-RPC method name.

@juanmont I can see in the source code that for some reason, it is not available in the XML-RPC…

I have reported the issue: https://github.com/OpenNebula/one/issues/1903

Hi Rafael,

You are right this is a ruby method that orchestrate the export logic operations: create image, create a new template that refers to that image…

This would probably not be moved to the oned logic. So probably the best idea would to mimic the ruby logic:

I see…

Somehow I presumed that this Rubi code was part of the platform “core”. But now I see that it is part of another wrapper of the XMLRPC API.

In terms of the OCA API this export is just a “helper”, and it is entirely built on top of the XMLRPC API, is that right?

If that is the case, we can now workaround this issue easily, as you say. Which is very good news.

I still think that it would be better at implemented at the XMLRPC end, mainly because now all the client APIs should replicate this functionality. But anyway, that is for you to decide.

Thanks @ruben, it was actually quite straight forward to implement the export method. its now in pyone 1.1.2