Advice on zones

Hi to all
I’m planning a new scalable OpenNebula Cloud.
Some clarifications are needed:

If I understood properly, a zone is the equivalent to AWS Availability Zone in a region or GCP Zone.
In example: us-west-1a, “a” is the zone inside the region “us-west-1”

Is Zone Federation something I need to provide failover between zones in the same region or should I keep everything isolated?

What i’m planning is a (very small) cloud distributed in multiple regions, which is the best way to archive something similiar to AWS or GCP (obviously, in a very reduced scale), but still keeping regions and zones, with opennebula?

Another question: can I put the “frontend” services in all hypervisors node, to create a fault tollerance and a scale-out infrastructure ? RAFT should take care of leadership election, so, having 3 or 33 nodes running the frontend services should not hurt. Right ?

Any ansible playbook to spin up an HA cloud or should I write them on my own ? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you.

Any help on this ?