Automate opennebula-images building

Hi, I don’t like the quality of the images in OpenNebula Marketplace. Every image may have different size, filesystem, partition table. Sometimes you can forget to cleanup bash-history or remove ssh keys from the image, so it is not totally clean. All this can bring situations like this.

Worth mentioning that after each opennebula release you have to upgrade contextualization packages inside each image.

This is too annoying!

So I made decision to automate images building process.
This task is quite usual and too annoying for making it by hands.

I was looking for suitable tool and since I big fan of the docker, I was chose guestfish as main tool for building images, it is working very well and does not requires elevated privileges at all.

The first idea was to just convert docker images into virtual machines (docker have nice repo with a lots of official basic systems) and also provides good customization, but later I got rid even of this dependency.

Now I use official cloud images as source and install system into new drive which always have similar filesystem and partition table.

Currently scripts for building common images is looking like:

Quite simple, right?

The next step will be to organize fully automatically build opennebula marketplace using

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