Azure driver in oneprovision

HI good morning everyone,
I would like to ask if there is any news about the Azure driver for Oneprovision. In our Organization most of the developers are currently working in Azure Cloud and this is one of the most critical steps to adopt OpenNebula. They have many doubts about the migration and it would be of great help to convince them to be able to integrate the current developments already done in Azure. Our current OpenNebula installation (still testing) is based on Mutara. I have seen in a document that there is a driver that can be added directly in oned.conf, but this was done before version 5.2 and I don’t know if is still useful in Mutara. I have not find inside oned.conf the IN_MAD and VM_MAD entries that appears in the document in this version. Anyway, it could be better if the driver is included in oneprovision.