Cannot connect to OneFlow server - missing conf

Quick question - OpenNebula 4.12.1 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 - also previously tried on Centos 6.6.

For both installations I get “Cannot connect to OneFlow server” when clicking on the Oneflow links in Sunstone. I’ve found this so far on the site:

It talks of /etc/one/oneflow-server.conf and commands > oneflow-server start

But I can find no trace of them in the installation. I’d be very grateful if someone could explain what I’m missing here. It does seem to be part of the sandbox installation for Virtualbox running 4.12.1, but following the install guides for specific Linux distributions appears to leave it out.

Any help / advice appreciated.

hi Cloud9,

I had the same with ubuntu14.04 and one 4.12.1 - altho documentation stated oneflow should be installed with the main package, it wasnt.

if the command:

dpkg -l | grep flow

comes up empty for the package, then look for the package and install it:

apt-cache search flow | grep opennebula
apt-get install opennebula-flow

That package should give you the config files you need.

hope this helps!

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Ahh haaa :slight_smile:

I’ll try this next. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.

Just a note to say thanks. This fixed my issue.