Cannot see amazon instances on ec2 host

OK i configured amazon ec2 host and seems its status is ON when i enter i can see details of host.But i cannot see existing instances running on amazon.As far as i understand these instances must be listed on “Wilds” list but they dont.How to see those instances which currently running on amazon ?

Are the instances in the same region as the ec2 host registered in OpenNebula?

Dear tinova thank you so much for answer. Yesterday night I thought same and when I create instance with same reigion I was able to see ec2 instances. Sadly I saw your message this morning :slight_smile:

There maybe bug in system because I filled us-west-1 In ec2 driver file and it gave me error about acess key is not defined. It forced me to fill default reigion in ec2 driver file. But default region is tied up to us-east-1 which is not my region.I cannot leave default reagion empty even if I don’t want to use it.

That is right, you need to fill the default region, but it will use the credentials of us-west-1 if you create a host with that name.