Can't get VDC's to work right

I need a nudge in the right direction to properly configure my VDC’s

I basically want my default group of users to get a general use pool of hosts. And a special group of users to get access to a special pool of hosts. I want to only have one cluster as they share networks, images, datastores etc.

The only cluster I have is cluster 0. Nothing is explicitly added to it. but it inherits everything right?

I want 2 VDC’s the default / general VDC which can, or can’t be VDC 0 depending on what i need to do to make this work. And my special VDC (vdc 101)

I’ve tried making my general use VDC both be 0 and 102 but neither seem to to work.

What I find is happening is if my general VDC does not contain cluster 0 but contains and explicit list of general use hosts. The scheduler is not able to find a suitable host for deployment. And if I add the cluster then the schedule does not pay attention to the hosts in the VDC and ends up deploying instances onto my special hosts I guess because they are in the cluster.

Let me know if you need more info. Thanks

Hello, you should configure ACLs for group or users. For deployment to specific host, user/group need manage ACL on that host