Cluster name in CLUSTER column in "onevm list" output


I’d like to add CLUSTER column in ‘onevm list’ output like it’s done in ‘onehost list’ one. But adding

:desc: Name of the Cluster
:size: 20
:left: true

  • :ID
  • :USER
  • :GROUP
  • :NAME
  • :STAT
  • :UCPU
  • :UMEM
  • :IP
  • :HOST

in ~/.one/cli/onevm.yaml gives me cluster IDs instead of its names in the ‘onevm list’ output. Whereas ‘onehost list’ output has cluster names instead of IDs.
Is there any way to list cluster name in CLUSTER column in the ‘onevm list’ output?

We are using OpenNebula 5.4.13.