Could not open connect to database server

We have an OpenNebula installation on one server and the MySQL located on another server (running CentOS). When we type the “one start” command and receive “Could not open connect to database server”. We are new to the installation and do not know where to check for logs or how to troubleshoot this. Could anyone provide me some direction on how we could troubleshoot this issue?

We also receive /usr/bin/one: line 117: 18638 Terminated $ONE_SCHEDULER

The oned.log does not seem to have any more information on this (however this could be because we need to set it at a certain logging level?)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Disregard. We resolved this.

Same issue for me. How did you resolve it?

Never mind found it, was a typo just not the one mentioning in a similar thread.