Create image form Issue


I have a problem on the OpenNebula 6.0.2 version.
When I want to create an image in any view (group-admin / admin) with any user (oneadmin / users), the image creation form is not displayed .

Have you encountered this problem?

I’m alone to have this issue…

To resolve this issue :

ichange the default views directory vcenter to mixed on this file → /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf

Default views directory

:mode: ‘vcenter’

Default views directory

:mode: ‘mixed’

So i found an issue when you select the default view vcenter; we need to resolve this issue for the next version.

Kind regards,

Hi David,
Thanks for reporting this issue.
It is already fixed for future releases.

Link to the issue: Create Image Error using vCenter view · Issue #5432 · OpenNebula/one · GitHub

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