Custom image creation


I would like to create some news images for my ONE server. I want to create them using ISO files and, then, mounting first ISO as “CD-ROM”, adding a new “generic store datablock” with “persistent=yes” and, when installation ends, remove instance and change persistent to “no”. However, if I configure network in DHCP mode, instance does not receive any IP addres (although Sunstone shows instance and its assigned IP) and I can’t connect with SSH. I have NO installed any “cloud-init” package for customization. My purppose is create a new image similar to the images I can download from “Storage --> Apps”.

Could anyboyd help me?



I think you need to install the opennebula context-tools to be able to send stuff from opennebula to the VM (like SSH key, hostname, etc)

see here:

and see the docs here:
(assuming you’re using KVM)

hope this helps!

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