Datastore Capacity

Hello Everyone!!

I am trying to download OneKE appliance from the Marketplace, which is 120 GB in size. My datastore has only 50 GB limit, is there any way to increase the capacity ?


Unfortunately OpenNebula datastores do not support overcommitment (as hypervisor hosts do for CPU and MEM). You could “cheat” however by modifying the monitor action script for your datastore in the “remotes” dir to return fake size (which would be a nasty hack) or you can deploy your own marketplace from the source repos (they are public) marketplace/appliances/OneKE_CE at master · OpenNebula/marketplace · GitHub and GitHub - OpenNebula/appmarket-simple, modify the disk sizes in the templates and point your OpenNebula instance to your local marketplace via the ENDPOINT attribute. Finally, you can simply increase the capacity in the hardware.



Hello Michal, thank you so much for replying.

This is a bit embarrassing but i have only started using Opennebula since this january as part of my course and i really have no idea about the first two methods you had suggested, yet. I did increase the capacity in the hardware and it worked.

I am trying to integrate Kubernetes in Opennebula, do you know of any resources/documentation that might be useful ? So far, i have come across only few pages in opennebula documentaion, one white paper and couple of videos on the official youtube channel. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks