Debian Jessie (8)


I wonder if or when there will be packages for Debian Jessie (8). As far as I could tell the changes to the package are small. Just one dependency, I cannot recall which one but I can check.



Good idea. Here you go :slight_smile:


Starting from the source code for the OpenNebula 4.12.1 Ubuntu 14.04 packages, I made some changes and created packages for Debian jessie. The packages can be installed with all dependencies fulfilled and some little functionality checks showed no problems.

The changes mentioned above include some things which I think are necessary, for example adding runlevel links for sunstone in postinst or let the OpenNebula initscript wait till some files which are needed by onegate or oneflow have been created, and other things which were on my wishlist like having a separate log directory for VMs and adding radius authentication support. I documented the changes I made in debian/changelog (hope I did not forget one).

If someone is interested, I can send the created .debian.tar.xz and .dsc files.


Yes, I’m interested. Can you put it online, or do you want to mail it?

I want to mail it.

Of course, I need to know your email address.

So I took the debian7 tar.gz and did the following changes after unpacking the opennebula_4.12.1-1.debian.tar.gz

--- src/source/debian/control    2015-06-11 12:19:29.211827996 +0000
+++ dest/source/debian/control    2015-06-11 12:59:12.883827996 +0000
@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@
-               libxmlrpc-c3-dev,
+               libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev,
+               libxmlrpc-c++8-dev,

Rebuilt the thing and that pretty much made it for me. I am not even sure the libxmlrpc-c++8-dev line is necessary, since xmlrpc is shipped along. I haven’t tested much, but oned and the scheduler and sunstone are running. Probably, the main thing for debian8 will be adapting the init scripts to systemd services, but until then it kind of works like that.

@Christoph make sure you share your changes with the team as you seem to have taken care of other aspects which are important.

I would like to share my changes, but I do not know what I need to do for that.

You should be able to attach your diff(s) to the ticket…

I wrote there that I created packages for Debian 8, but I could not attach my files and got error messages instead. I tried several times.

But it seems that the interest of the developers is not quite high, because none of them has answered (for example described a successful way to send my files) since I wrote my message five days ago.

Hi Christoph

We are highly interested indeed, Hector Sanjuan pointed you in the right
direction so we all thought that your question was already answered. We are
not aware of any problems uploading files to the dev portal; Is there any
useful info in the error you are getting?

If this not work for you, I’d recommend to clone the repo and submit your
changes as a pull request in github

Thanks for your contribution

I described the error messages I got on

As attaching the files to my message on the ticket webpage did not work, the best way for me would be to mail the two files somewhere. The orig.tar.gz of course is the same as in the Ubuntu 14.04 package.

Could you send it to THANKS and sorry for the

I just sent the email, with the files attached.

Thanks, I’ve managed to upload them to dev.opennebula


tried compiling attached jessie version, but failing with following error:

scons: *** No SConstruct file found.
File “/usr/lib/scons/SCons/Script/”, line 916, in _main

Is there a plan to release official packages for jessie?