Default image DEV_PREFIX and DRIVER


I just see on our 5.0 lab that when I create a new ISO image it gets automatically the DEV_PREFIX=hd and DRIVER=raw attributes.

I’m not sure to understand where they come from.

I have:

  • a datastore for qcow2 images (TM_MAD=qcow2)
  • a dedicated datastore for ISO images with TM_MAD=shared since TM_MAD=qcow2 does not work for raw ISO images

Could I set the DRIVER and DEV_PREFIX per datastore to avoid setting it for each image?

I want to define the attributes at the higher level as possible:

  • datastores attributes: common to all images in the datastore
  • images attributes: for special case images, like windows machine redefining DEV_PREFIX=hd
  • VM template

Is that possible?


Right now the dev_prefix can only be set in the image template, or globally in oned.conf.
The scenario you describe is not supported, but if you open a feature request we’ll consider it for future releases.

Thanks, I opened the request #4676.