Default Quota sets

I think it would be very useful to have possibility for setting default quota sets for the groups and for the users.

Yes, I know about Default Quotas

But this parameters is globaly, this is problem if you want to separate default quotas between groups.

I suggest you Quota Sets concept, for example:

I want to have 3 quota sets:

  • First allows you to create 1 vm, 1 ip address, 1GB of RAM and 10GB of system storage
  • Second allows you to create 3 vm and 3 ip address, 16GB of RAM and 100GB of system storage
  • Thrid allows you to use 15 ip addresses, 50 GB of RAM and 300GB of storage

I want to assign this sets to the users and groups, like this:

  • Assgin second quota set to userA, userD and userN
  • Assgin first quota set to small_users group
  • Assgin second quota set to mid_users group
  • Assgin thrid quota set to big_users group

Each user in group small_users will have quotas of the first quota set.

If I want I can change this quotas, and they will be applied for each user like default quotas.

I think it may be overriden by setting quotas directly for user, this is very simillar like default qoutas applies:
There is one default qouta set. And all other is simmilar like now but:
If “-1” is set then use user’s quota set, if it not quota set applied to user use group’s quota set, if it not applied too use default quota set.

What do you think about it?

You can set quotas to groups, I think most of your request is covered by that . Right now, we are checking the user quota, then the group quota and then the default… I’m not really sure what we are missing from the current implementation.

Yes, but the quota will be one for all users in the group.
What if I want to allow all users in a group to create no more than one virtual machine?

Ruben, cloud you please elaborate a bit more on that? Will a user’s VM be successfully created and deployed if his user quota is greater then a group quota and VM creation succeed group quota but is less then user quota? In other words if one of VM creation/deployment fits at least of the quotas (and a sequence is user, then group and then default) then VM will be created successfully or VM has to be within both group and user quota?