Different default quotas for different group

We want to configure quotas for users in such way:

  1. set default quotas for users in default group “users” - to create only 4 VMs, to assign only 4 IP from network with ID1, to assign only 4 IP from network with ID2

P.S.: We found, how to do it in file /etc/one/default_user_quota:
VM = [
VMS = 4,
MEMORY = -2,
CPU = -2,

ID = 1,

ID = 2,

and then run command:
su - oneadmin
oneuser defaultquota /etc/one/default_user_quota

  1. for all users in group “users” allow to create only 2 Virtual Networks
  2. create new privileged group “users_adv” and set unlimited quotas for all users in this group, but without ability to manage cloud options (only create unlimitrd new VMs, images, templates, networks, …)

So we have these questions:

  1. How to create and apply default templates for all users in two different groups (in our case - “users”, “users_adv”)? According this document (http://docs.opennebula.org/5.4/operation/users_groups_management/quota_auth.html#setting-default-quotas) “This template applies to all users/groups, unless they have an individual limit set.” So we can create and apply only one template ??
  2. How to configure OpenNebula to use different quotas for different groups? And also we want if any user has moved from one group to another, OpenNebula must automatically apply new quotas to this user (it means, that user’s quotas from previous group will reset (change) and new values will automatically apply).
  3. How to create default quota on amount of Virtual Networks, that user can create? In options of default quota template I don’t see.

P.S.: I find similar topic from other user of this forum. Default Quota sets

I think it will be awesome to split quotas on three levels:

  1. for specific users;
    2) for all users in specific group (it means, per user and NOT for all users);
  2. for zone or vdc

In current situation feature №2 is missing :frowning: ??