Deploying Nginx from Docker Hub, the virtual machine creation is successful, but the system goes black

Using version 6.6.0, I followed this article entirely. I downloaded nginx and Kernel 5.4 x86_64 - Firecracker from APPS, and after a successful nginx download, an automatic virtual machine template was generated. I modified the template according to the article’s instructions, selecting the Kernel 5.4 x86_64 - Firecracker file as the kernel. However, after creating a virtual machine using this template, the virtual machine is created successfully. Still, when I access the system via VNC, there is no display.

After a few minutes, the virtual machine automatically shuts down. I am sure that the host is running as a firecracker-type node. Checking the logs did not show any errors, but the /var/lib/one/datastores/<sys_ds_id> /<vm_id>/ logs.fifo log file has the following message:

please help me,thanks

What does the VM instance template look like ? onevm show -j <vm_id>