Elemental License Activation Error

I already upgrade opennebula version 6.8.0 but I found error at the elemental license activation process. I type correct password with license subscription email but show sup

port credentials are incorrect. Kindly check and assist me ASAP, see attach photo. Thanks.

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Hello @Eden, and welcome to this Forum.

To reply your question, your license (Elemental) doesn’t give you access to the Commercial Support. You can ask your questions here, and look into the documentation pages if you need to ask any inquiry.

With your License, you don’t need to activate your email there. If you are looking for Commercial Support, please consider to upgrade your license to a Standard one, you can find more about the options you have here: OpenNebula Subscriptions | Open Source Cloud & Edge Computing Platform

We cover everything here in our docs: OpenNebula 6.8 Documentation — OpenNebula 6.8.0 documentation

If you can’t find what you are looking, feel free to post on the Community Forum.

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Thanks. @FrancJP