Fireedge gui in archeon 6.4.0 - how to detach network from vm

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in the latest fireedge web interface, i couldn’t find how to detach a network from a vm. am i missing it or it’s just not there?

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Hi @Liorme,

Thanks for the feedback about the new FireEdge Sunstone UI.

Yes, you are right. The button should appear on the VM Network tab.

We fixed the problem. It will be resolved on the next release (6.4.1)


cool, thank you :slight_smile:

another thing i’ve noticed

when you click delete snapshot, it reverts instead of deleting the snapshot
in vcenter deployment (latest vcsa 7)

Hi @Liorme,

The snapshot_delete issue has been fixed and it will be available on the next maintenance release.

Thanks for your feedback.

cool, thank you