Gateway service for OpenNebula

Has anyone run OpenNebula in a private gateway mode, where all the hypervisors and virtual machines live on a private 10.x.x.x network and access to the Internet is only through an external gateway machine and only for specified ports?
Something like the Amazon Internet Gateway, for instance.
I have looked through the documentation and don’t see such a feature.

Steve Timm

It’s not clear to me want you want to achieve. It’s perfectly possible to have a external firewall (or even a VM) to act as gateway for the VM’s / hypervisors.

Maybe this is what you are after: ?

Looks interesting, I will try to contact Carlos Martin who seems to be
working the feature.


Steve Timm


The Virtual Routers feature is still under development, and the docs are not yet ready. When the code is more stable we will probably write a blog post describing how it looks and what it can do.

It’s good to see there’s people waiting to test it.

We are using CoreOS for replacement to the old VirtualRouter (Alpine Linux) on the MarketPlace.
We use the CoreOS as NAT and gateway for the isolateds networks and to shared public ips to the isolateds environments.