How do i reinstall OS on a KVM VM

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i see no options to reinstall OS on Sunstone GUI.
How do i reinstall OS?

i have Installed OpenNebula VirtualBox Sandbox


Recover => Delete + Recreate
This will delete your image disk and recreate it from the gold image.

If you need to reinstall, you can use your OS ISO.

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Hi, i have a ubuntu VM whose ip is and has a ssh key, now i want the same VM to have Centos 7 instead of ubuntu. this will preserve the IP and context (like ssh key)

You need first to understand the concept of gold image. I don’t know of an easy way to do what you want. The delete+recreate reuse the same template you used for deploying your VM. So it won’t change your OS. Just recreate it from the gold image state.

Why you don’t juste delete your ubuntu VM, create a new VM based on a CentOs template ? With an IP reservation, you can keep your address. And since the SSH key is in the context this part will be the same.

Or, but I don’t know exactly what you want to achieve, you can start 2 VM (1 ubuntu, and 1 CentOs), and only plug the one you want to use to your VNET. Then hotunplug/plug the other when you want to switch.

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