How powerful does a frontend server have to be?

I have a Intel Atom D525 processor box with 4 gigs of ram. would that be enough just to run the frontend?

Hello Vizo, your processor does not support VT-x (Virtualizatiom Technology), so you can not run KVM virtual machines.

KVM HW requirements

But you can use XEN para-virtualization or better you can use container virtualization like LXC, Docker etc. supported in OpenNebula by plugins.

Ok so that I have it clear kvm has to be on the frontend even if it is not running VM’s?

Oh, sorry, I overlook that you ask about frontend :slight_smile: Your computer should be ok for frontend.

I think it is sufficient to run front-end. Just keep in mind you need a big enough /var/tmp for Sunstone (uploading images and converting them to the datastore of choice). In my case (oned+sunstone+CEPH bridge) I need at least three times as big /var/tmp as the largest VM image you will ever want to upload.

Anyway, does anybody know whether it is possible to download images from Sunstone?

It’s not possible currently.
For 5.0 there will be an indirect way: export the image as a Marketplace App, and then download that App from Sunstone.