Font-end and KVM Node in one dedicated server

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I have one dedicated server and I want to deploy both Front-end and KVM Node on this server. Should I install both in bare metal or the Front-end can be a VM inside this box?

The box specs are:
12c/24t CPU
64GB of RAM
2x 512GB nvme (RAID1)
2x 6TB HDD (RAID1)

This is for production use. Unfortunately I have just one box to do it.

Thank you.

The FE can be inside a VM no issues at all. In fact, when having the FE inside a VM, you get the benefits of rollbacks with snapshots, which are useful when severe errors happen. The performance hit shouldn’t be critical since, the performance is mostly important just for running VMs managed by the frontend.

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Thank you. I am planning to do it:

  • Front-end as a VM
  • KVM Node will be the bare-metal itself

That’s my setup, too.

FE (sunstone) running on a vm on the KVM node

FE of course is controlled only by libvirt.
FE is on shared storage (over NFS/qcow2)

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