How to integrate an linuxkit metadata based image into OpenNebula


I would like to integrate an linuxkit metadata based image (k3os) into OpenNebula. Unfortunately no currently available metadata provider works for OpenNebula.
One way would be to write a provider for OpenNebula.
Another way I see would be to generate a compatible config file and add it dynamically to the generated CONTEXT ISO - this would then use the CDROM provider of linuxkit metadata.
Last but not least I could imagine to implement a metadata service which is available on (using a VM for each network) to provide OpenStack/EC2 compatibility.

Do you have better ideas to solve this? What is in your oppinion the best of these solutions?

by the way, we are currently using OpenNebula 5.8.

Many thanks in advance

Bernhard Grün

Hello Bernhard,

you can try to check the community add-on with EC2 metadata service for the OpenNebula (I’m not sure about its state with current OpenNebula versions, but it’s worth trying).


Hi Vlastimil,

thank you for your answer.
I just tried it and I am not able to catch any traffic for with that iptables rule. Therefore I can’t even try if the addon itself could possibly work.
But in essence this could be the same as using a VM per virtual network. I will at least try this addon inside a vm. Maybe this helps me solving this problem faster.

In general I really like the idea that OpenNebula could use OpenStack images without any modification.

Best regards,