Is there anything for Google Cloud Environment?

Is there anything in progress to create a driver for Google Cloud Environment? I’ve spent some time searching around but haven’t seen anything. I figured I’d ask before assuming that there is not. Thanks.

Hi Jeff,

I’m looking for the same thing actually. Might look in to sponsoring this.

I was looking at modifying the addon-softlayer driver to handle gce. I didn’t get very far before I had to work on something else. But if there was a new addon repo for gce I’d be happy to help as I’m able.

Re-opening this old subject. My company hosts the main part of the workload on-prem but we work mainly with Google Cloud as cloud provider for part of the service and some projects.

Now we are in the process of adopting Opennebula, and we do not discard the idea of using AWS for cloud bursting, but it would be much easier adoption if we could do that with Google Cloud.

Is there any ongoing initiative in that sense?

Shall we consider to develop it ourselves, if nobody is doing anything yet?

Thank you!

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Hi @rcampuz,

This is something that has been pending for a while on our GitHub, basically because users so far have not expressed a huge demand for this integration, but definitely something worth double-checking in case things have changed…

I’ll ask internally to our Engineering Team about the status of that issue, but please, in the meantime, have a look at the info about how to contribute a new feature to OpenNebula by leading the development of a new Add-on, this could become a nice Community-led initiative :slight_smile: