Issues installing OCCI server

Documentation mentions that opennebula-occi service will be installed by default on installing opennebula-sunstone service, but after installation I don’t have any occi service installed and no occi-service.conf file in my /etc/one/ , though econe.conf is present so EC2 server was installed but not occi.

I tried installing it separately, adding the opennebula repo and updating. But now I am stuck on the error below on using

apt-get update

Any idea how do I solve this?

OCCI support has been discounted, can you point us out to the documentation that refers to it?

Hey @tinova,

Yes, I was referring to guides of previous versions of opennebula:

Well if not OCCI service can you guide me how to initiate opennebula self service for public user?

I don’t want my public user to have anything to do with local installation of opennebula. Just access web based portal on the same network as the admin (so admin provides sunstone server using port forwarding), and user gets to launch existing VM’s (The cloud view of opennebula).

  • Admin has the root name or address of the public user.
  • public key of the user can be accessed or is known.

@swastik, I would suggest to try to follow EGI guide on setting up rOCCI-server.

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Hey @knawnd

Thanks, for help. Is there a way to login other users from sunstone itself. Because it only accepts root user (oneadmin). Or do I have to use rOCCI server for that?