Launching an instance in a specific amazon subnet not possible - no groupnameid parameter availible?


I would like to use the ec2 driver to start instances in the amazon cloud if my local hardware has not enough resources anymore. Therefore I created a new VPC in the amazon cloud because I cannot use the default VPC due to an ip address conflict in my network. I had contact with the amazon support and I got the message that they can just create a new default vpn with a fixed ip range and that I have to create a new VPC if I want to use another ip range. And it is not possible to change the default value for a VPC. In other words: I cannot use the default VPC.

Therefore I have to use the (non-default) VPC. To do that I have to specify a subnet in my EC2 context. But if I specify the subnet, my instance creation process fails. I got the following error message:

The parameter groupName cannot be used with the parameter subnet.

Without the subnet parameter I can launch an instance (in the “wrong” default VPC).

I googled this error message and I found a lot of stuff related to that error message. Unfortunately the solution was always to use the securitygroup Id instead of the securitygroup name. But I cannot enter a securitygroup id, only the securitygroup name. The id is just not available.

Has anybody an idea how to solve such a problem? I mean how to launch an instance in a specific subnet?

I used the following EC2 options:

EC2=[ AMI="ami-1234XYZ", INSTANCETYPE="t2.micro", KEYPAIR="keypair", SECURITYGROUPS="sg-1234abcd", SUBNETID="subnet-12345678" ]

Thank you very much.


I just tried an quick and dirty hack and patched the file ec2_driver.rb. I just changed security_group into security_group_ids in line 124 and 200. After that I could launch an instance in the specified subnet (in my preferred VPC). Of course I had to use a security_group id instead of an security_group name in the template.

So, maybe it would be a nice idea to create a patch and use a security_group id if a subnet is specified. Or just get the security_group id related to the name if a subnet was specified. But I am an admin and not a developer. Maybe this could lead into trouble on other parts of the code. Don’t know.

For me it is ok like this because I can patch my templates to use a security group id. But maybe this helps someone else.

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P.S.: I’am using Opennebula 4.10.2. Just forget to mention. :smile:

OK, changing these two lines is not enough. This leads into monitoring issues with ec2 vms. Therefore I had to copy the ec2_driver.rb to a new file and include the new file within the file deploy. In the new ec2_driver file I change the two lines I mentioned before. So my hack is getting even more worst than at the beginning. :frowning:

It is working that way but for sure not an acceptable solution anymore. More or less just a prove of concept that it would work with a group_name_id and a subnet in a real patch.

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Hi Tom,

Thank you for the detailed feedback, I have opened an issue in our dev page and we will try to provide a fix for the next release