Limit number of NIC per VMs

Hi everyone,
Is there anyway we can limit number NIC per VMs or each VM only allow to have 1 NIC per network?

You can hot-plug network interfaces to existing VMs in the RUNNING , POWEROFF or SUSPENDED states.


When you create a virtual machine template, you can determine how many virtual machine will have NICs.

I hope this will help you.

thank for you answer, however i need to limit the number of NICs per VM user can attach.
In addition, if user can attach 2 NICs with the same NETWORK , this could lead to loop if spanning tree did not enable.

When you create a VM template, you can check the ‘Do not allow to modify network configuration’ option. I hope this will help you.

Thank you. That can help however now I need to create so many templates for each network :slight_smile: