Lost VM after shutting down via Virtual Manager

Good Day.
After i try to shutdown VM via virtual manager (kvm) , i ‘’ lost ‘’ it.
It doesn’t monitoring in ON, i can’t it power on.

Also, i can power on it via virtual manager, but ON doesn’t see it at all.

In Log i see errors like “Cannot create VM”. (Sorry, i can’t show you logs, cause i afraid to lost it again)

May be i should delete or replace some files, and it help me ‘find’ my vm?

And , second question (i think, it’s part of this topic)
I try migrate my host to another ON, but new ON doesn’t see my old VMs

If you have any explanations or issues, please, help

Sorry for my English

Permission issues? ONe runs as user oneadmin, depending on how you setup your hosts, your libvirt stuff might be using a different setup still. Really need to see your error messages though.

I’m sure , that it 's not permissions. i will make a test Vm to repeat this error, and show you log