New addon PowerKVM

Hi everybody,

we use powerkvm in my company for some time now and we do so via a simple addon we built for it. I call it simple as it’s basically the kvm driver with just a few changes to ensure it accepts PPC CPUs and so on. We use the naming powerkvm to clearly see which driver it is and which hosts are appropriate for instances of this type which we manage via a restriction in the templates.

If the community is interested we are more than happy to share this addon but on the other hand it could be integrated into into the standard kvm driver easily too. I did not do it right away as it means i need to integrate a different architecture everywhere and i did not yet find the time to dig into that.

What are your thoughts on this? My personal feeling would be to start as addon and if the community sees a benefit go on with integrating it?

Thank you for your input


Well, it is definitely very interesting, would it be possible for you to share the code with us, so we can take a look at the required changes? We might be able to introduce those changes into the main distro, otherwise we might be able to boostrap an addon :slight_smile:


Hi Jamie,

i have pushed the addon to github:

As i said the changes are minimal if you compare it to the standard kvm driver and it should be easy to integrate there.

Great! so there aren’t many differences, I’ve checked and indeed there aren’t many differences, so I propose that instead of creating an addon, we could simply merge.

Would you consider creating a PR that introduces these changes in master? This functionality will not be documented and/or tested, maybe we could create a repo only for the documentation…

Hi Jamie,

i’ll create a pull request as soon as i had the chance to test it out against our hardware.
A bunch of overwrites have to go to the templates as they are no longer fed from the default values but that’s easy to adjust.

Sorry for the delay but finally i found the time to actually test this out in detail and create a pull request:

I already use this patch in my own environment with 2 POWER8 KVM hosts. It should work with older or newer CPUs as well as it just extends the grep condition but i do not have those architectures in house so could not test that.