One-$ prefix when deploying new vm from vCenter templete

Want to change One-$ prefix when deploying new vm from vCenter template .
Want to change IP address of new vm deploy from vCenter template .

From the documentation:

OpenNebula will add by default a one-- prefix to the name of the vCenter VMs it spawns, where is the id of the VM in OpenNebula. This value can be changed using a special attribute set in the vCenter cluster representation in OpenNebula, ie, the OpenNebula host. This attribute is called VM_PREFIX (which can be set in the OpenNebula host template), and will evaluate one variable, $i, to the id of the VM. A value of one-$i- in that parameter would have the same behavior as the default.

IP addresses can be set in imported vCenter networks using address spaces.

Thanks for you update i am able to change the vm name

Another Question

I want to restrict the end user to view or create there extra image in all the vcenter datastore .

When i am trying to allocate Quota to group/user i have use selected datastore but from user login all the datastore are visible and they can create new image in all the available datastore .

Can we restrict the end user to create image in only administrator given datastore with limited quota .