One-$ prefix when instantiating machines

Dear all,

we have the problem that the virtual machines that are instantiated in VMWare are prefixed with “one-$$” (where $$ is a number) this name is then different than the actual hostname which causes problems e.g. with our monitoring.

Is there are way to remove or configure the prefix ?



Unfortunately, the one- prefix is not configurable. It is hardcoded in the core and some features rely on that prefix.

What you can do is change the hostname to one-<id>. If the VM is contextualized, add to the template:

    SET_HOSTNAME = "one-$VMID" ]


In OpenNebula 5.0, the VM names in vCenter would be configurable so they can match the name you give them in OpenNebula (without the one- prefix)

hello, i installed OpenNebula 5.0 but the vm still named with one-vmname…
where to setup it into OpenNebula 5.0 ?

Please see the second note on the following section: