OpenNebula and Citrix Xen Hypervisor Configuration


I want to setup a private cloud using OpenNebula and Citrix Xen Server and in the documentation it is mentioned OpenNebula supports Xen, but I am not able to find any resource or articles to configure it. Is configuring Citrix Xen Server as a host in OpenNebula a straight forward process. And could anyone please point me in the right direction for configuring the system. The Frontend is up and running I just want to connect my Citrix XenServer with the Frontend to launch and manage VM’s.

And thanks in advance.

Xen used to be supported in old OpenNebula versions. Since 5.0 is no longer supported. You can still find the integration as a separate addon though.

Hi Daniel Clavijo, Thanks for replying to my query.

Will the same addon can be used with OpenNebula version 6.8 and the same configuration in the oned.conf file.

Most likely it won’t. There have been many changes since 5.0.