I 'm interested in using OpenNebula . My network has a pool of 2 processing using XenServer hosts and storage with qnap exporting iscsi . My users use vms linux and windows . They have an account in active directory windows and logan in the field . You would opinions : You advise using OpenNebula ? I would support these features ( XenServer , iscsi storage , ) ? If not, what do you advise me to do ( KVM ) ?

There is no support for XenServer in OpenNebula. The distribution comes with drivers for Xen, KVM and VMware. My personal recommendation is to use the hypervisor you are more comfortable with. You can also check the architectures described in these documents:

Concerning the other technologies:

  • iSCSI is not supported by OpenNebula distribution. There is an addon but I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for

  • Active Directory is a supported authentication method

@jfontan: Do you know if XenServer support is on the roadmap?

When reading the “2014 OpenNebula Cloud Architecture Survey Results” I noticed the paragraph that discusses hypervisor support and saw that the Xen Project hypervisor, the Xen Cloud Platform, and XenServer are not supported:

KVM at 48% and VMware at 28% are the most widely used hypervisors. Next
one is Xen at 11%. Hyper-V and Xen Cloud Platform usage has fallen from a
11% in 2012 to a 4%, mostly because these two hypervisors are not
supported by the OpenNebula distribution. They can be used through
community plugins.