Random "Cannot contact server" errors, outside of VM creation also

This started recently, but I don’t know if it was related to a patch being applied or not, but I now see red “Cannot contact server” errors in the GUI almost everytime anything is added to opennebula in the interface, but once I hit refresh, whatever I was doing that caused the error, actually succeeds, even through that error pops up as soon as I hit submit:
Adding user it pops up
Adding a VM it pops up
Adding a virtual network it pops up

And when I go through the actual logs in both oned.log and sunstone.log, I see nothing but success messages, no errors at all. It almost seems like a database issue

I did also run a onedb fsck command which fixed a few DB errors, but I did find some errors talking to one of the hosts, I still see no errors when it’s doing things like creating users, etc in the logs.