Re-using a /datastores directory of a previous install

I was previously using ONE 5.12 Community on Ubuntu 18.04. Then I migrated the Ubuntu to 20.04, while keeping the /datastores directory on a separate partition.

Next, I installed ONE 5.12 on the new OS - all good. Symlinked /var/lib/one to the /datastores backup and restarted both server and sunstone. While Storage → Datastores shows my datastores properly (at 70% disk usage, which is perfect!), neither Storage → Images or Instances → VMs menus don’t work as before, as they still display “empty list”.

I fiddled around with “onedatastore”, and all 3 of them (system, default, files) show as “on”. Is there anything else I can do to recover those VMs, or should I just consider them compromised and start from scratch? Was there a better technique I should have used to back everything up aside from Undeploying all VMs before reinstalling? Thank you!