Separate bridge for a VM


Right now I have one bridged network br0 with only one 1gb interface (eth0) attached and it is supporting all the current vms like 8 of them.

I was wondering if it is possible to have a separate bridged network say br1 that is public and gets connection from a different interface (eth1), and have one VM have exclusive access to it.

Also, what bonding interface do you think work best for KVM? Or no bonding at all? I am on CentOS 7. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Hi, you can create new brige br1 and assing to it eth1 interface without problems. In opennebula just add new Virtual Network with that bridge. This VN then use in VM template.

I use bonding active-backup, but you can use XOR or RR, but all depends on your network.

My setup:

bond0 with slaves eth0 and eth1 with mode active-backup
bond0.10 as tagged VLAN10 - service network
bond0.20 as tagged VLAN20 - private network

br0 with bond0
br1 with bond0.10
br2 with bond0.20

3 VNs each for one bridge

1 Virtual Router with DHCP which sits on br0 and br2
Some VM with public IP has public VN on br0
Some VM without public IP has private VN on br2
Some VM which need access to service network has access to private VN br2 and service VN br1

For VLANs you need switches with support.

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