Showback calculation on new 5.4 HA cluster


I cannot find any information for the showback calculation on a cluster with the new raft algorithm. I want to install a cronjob for this.

Do I have to add the cron on every member of the cluster or do I need to write a script to find out which member is the leader and execute the job on the leader?

You only need to run it once, it can be in any server. Note that database write operations are forwarded to the leader. Maybe you can install a cron job in all the servers, that only runs for the highest ranked follower… so you do not overload the leader

Ok, great. I will script something and provide it to the community.

But I see another issue:

  1. I generated showback on the leader
    1.1) I see the showback values in sunstone and via cli
  2. Switched leadership
    2.2) I do not see the showback values in sunstone but via cli
  3. As soon as I switch back to the old leader, where I generated the showback values I see them again via sunstone.

Am I hitting a bug or something. Really strange.

Could this be some cache issue. If you are seeing the values in the CLI then they are in the DB. Maybe the browser is showing cached data…

Finally, I found it.

Seems like only the sunstone user oneadmin has access to the oneshowback values. The other admins do not see the values.