Showback feature and update of it


I’ve got the showback feature running but the numbers in sunstone do not change. I can trigger new numbers by using the commandline as user oneadmin. “oneshowback calculate”. How is this suppose to work?

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Everything is documented here:

Hello Carlos.

Thanks for the link. I guess i have to start using the documentation. :slight_smile:



I tried to do the update via cron but this is what i get:

Message-Id: <E1YZbjl-0000E6-BR@one-frontend.local>
Sender: CronDaemon <oneadmin@one-frontend.local>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 10:00:01 +0100

    /usr/lib/one/ruby/opennebula/client.rb:130:in `initialize': ONE_AUTH file not present (RuntimeError)
            from /usr/lib/one/ruby/cli/one_helper.rb:373:in `new'
            from /usr/lib/one/ruby/cli/one_helper.rb:373:in `get_client'
            from /usr/lib/one/ruby/cli/one_helper.rb:431:in `set_client'
            from /usr/bin/oneshowback:46:in `block (2 levels) in <main>'
            from /usr/lib/one/ruby/cli/command_parser.rb:445:in `call'
            from /usr/lib/one/ruby/cli/command_parser.rb:445:in `run'
            from /usr/lib/one/ruby/cli/command_parser.rb:76:in `initialize'
            from /usr/bin/oneshowback:35:in `new'
            from /usr/bin/oneshowback:35:in `<main>'

What does this mean? Do i have to include the ONE_AUTH in the cron somewhere?

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I assume the command is executed as the oneadmin user? ONE_AUTH is the env variable that points to the authentication file. It is not needed if the default ~/.one/one_auth file is used.

See the docs for more information.

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