[SOLVED] Dedicated marketplace for LXD


The blog entry regarding lxd talks about a " dedicated marketplace for LXD". Where do i find this and how do i add this to my instance?

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Hello @himbeere

It’s added by default, you can find more information here http://docs.opennebula.org/5.8/advanced_components/marketplace/market_lxd.html

Thanks for you answer. I guess i’m missing something in oned.conf.

oneadmin@one:~$ onemarket create lxcmarket.cfg 
[one.market.allocate] MARKET_MAD_CONF named "linuxcontainers" is not defined in oned.conf

Do you have a snippet for me which solves that issue?

thanks and cheers

You need to place this in your oned.conf (/etc/one/oned.conf)

MARKET_MAD_CONF = [                                                                                                                   
   NAME = "linuxcontainers",                                                                                                         
   SUNSTONE_NAME = "LinuxContainers.org",                                                                                            
   REQUIRED_ATTRS = "",                                                                                                              
   APP_ACTIONS = "monitor",                                                                                                          
   PUBLIC = "yes"                                                                                                                    

After that, restart OpenNebula using one restart or via systemctl.

Thanks that worked allthough it seems to be empty right now. I’ll wait a bit.

Yes, you have to wait the number of seconds set in MONITORING_INTERVAL_MARKET.

Yeah. Works. Thanks Alejandro. Let’s got test deeper. :slight_smile:

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Yeah! No problem!

Maybe while we just talk. Can you give me a quick answer to Lxd + kvm host at the same time?

thanks and cheers