Sunstone Fireedge working dev environment


I am trying to get a local (hopefully light) version of opennebula working environment focused on Fireedge.

Ideally I would like to be able to do some additions to the UI while running it in dev mode, connected to some sort of opennebula instance (local, but potentially remote). I only want to make additions/modifications to Fireedge.

So far my best attempt so far was to set a vagrant vm with:

  1. minione running with --frontend --force option
  2. Manually stopping the fireedge service with systemclt stop opennebula-fireedge
  3. Cloning 6.4 tag of one
  4. Moving to src/fireedge and running npm i and npm run dev

This sort of works but with some caveats:

  1. Depending on the actions taken in the UI, npm fails and stops the app, the log does not add a lot of information
  2. Not hot reload support (I guess I will add some sort of --watch option to the npm scripts)

Is this a good way to approach what I’m looking for? Is there a better setup for this use case?

My OS is mac. I decided to use a vagrant vm so I can reproduce this easily in other environments. My first attempt was to use docker but is was not easy to make it work with systemd out of the box, thus vagrant.