Vcenter customizations not running

I am in the process of setting up a new OpenNebula 5.4 install on CentOS 7. I’ve played around with vOneCloud in the past but now am doing the full OpenNebula setup. My vcenter and hosts are 5.5 update 3b.
I have all the basics setup. Clusters, Storage, Networks all imported. I am able to deploy clones in opennebula from my vcenter templates that I imported. However on the Windows templates we use a vcenter customization to set a few things and rename the server to match the display name in vcenter. The templates clone fine, add the network fine, etc. But the customization never runs.
In the template the USER_TEMPLATE is defined and pointed at the customization. The customization has no spaces and is just letters and numbers.
To test user permissions I tested deploying the template from vcenter with the opennebula service account and have no issue, everything works.
Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve tried looking at a few of the log files and couldn’t see any errors but am not sure I am looking in the right one. In vcenter it shows no indication that it tries to apply it. If I deploy it manually through vcenter it shows in the events.

I’m having the same issue, I can deploy from the template using the customization in vCenter, and it’s configured on the template in opennebula 5.4, but it doesn’t appear to apply at all.

I’m using vcenter/hosts 6, everything else is working fine.

This should be fixed in the latest 5.4.2 release:

could you please confirm?

Sorry about the delay, I’m running 5.4.3 now and the customisations are working as intended. Thanks for the support.